About me


My name is Anton Röder.  I live in Winkler, Manitoba in Canada, but originally I’m from South Africa.  After spending most of my life working for and building other peoples’ dreams, I finally decided I needed to stop dreaming and thinking about it and finally take that big step of starting to work for myself.

I spent 8 years working for two different law firms as a legal assistant, which gave me an excellent background in legal writing.  This means I can provide you with serious, compelling writing to bring your message to your target audience.  Hallmarks of legal writing are providing well-structured pieces that persuade. Attention to detail (Yes, the devil is in the details) and a lack of errors are essential to establishing and maintaining your credibility and this is what I can provide to you.

I also spent several years working in different manufacturing roles.  So when you have work about concepts like actually doing things with your hands, production systems and processes, health and safety, personnel motivation and management, you can focus on what you want me to do for you, instead of explaining to me how it works.

Besides this I am good at seeing the big picture and understanding systems. For you it means I can quickly grasp what your business is about, how it interacts with the larger market and. most importantly, how it relates to your customer base or target market.