My writing experience is based on a rather colorful career history, as well as being insatiably interested in just about anything I don’t know about.  Some of my major fields of experience include:

Legal Writing

For about 8 years I worked for two different law firms working on everything from family law to contract law and deceased estates.  This part of my career history is where I picked up the majority of my writing skills.  When I started I had a real stickler as a boss, but this quickly taught me to make sure my work was right the first time.  Doing legal work taught me the importance of attention to detail, punctuality and proper communication with clients.  I also learned how to draft everything from general correspondence to contracts and court documents.

Personal Finance

I’ve always been interested in personal finance.  Reading books by guys like Robert Kiyosaki got me interested into this at a young age.  When  I worked in the legal field I did three things that really brought the importance of this topic home:

1.  Deceased estates taught me how inconsiderate it can be to other people to not have your affairs in order.

2.  Administrations (like a limited bankruptcy) showed me how many people don’t practically understand the basic tenet in personal finance:  Don’t spend more than you earn.

3.  Family law highlighted the value of communication when it comes to finances and that (bad) finances is one of the leading reasons for divorce.


I spent 4 years working at Monarch Industries, a foundry in Winkler, Manitoba in Canada.  My first job was in the cleaning room cleaning parts (There’s nothing “clean” about this.  Think grinders, drills and sanders.  And lots of dust…).  I then proceeded to operating a cut-off saw for a few years, various CNC machines and even poured molten metal into moulds.  This gave me first-hand insight into the manufacturing world.  Ironically, because you have to account for every minute in a job like this, this was the job that taught me the most about time management, efficiency and effectiveness.


I studied for 2 years to become a goldsmith.  I even spent a year working for myself making jewellery.  Due to this I have a good understanding of jewellery, stones, metals and less traditional media. I certainly like conventional jewellery, but I’ve always been fascinated by the more off-beat manufacturers:  Steampunk jewellery, amateur jewellery, men’s jewellery and jewellery made with unconventional materials are real interests.  I also have a soft spot for pearls and jewellery incorporating them.


Although I’ve mentioned my main interests and sectors I have experience in, there are many more things I’m interested in.  Sustainable practices like permaculture springs to mind. If you have a niche you’re finding it hard to find a writer for, I’d be happy to hear about your particular industry or interest.  I love learning new things and meeting new people more than anything.