What’s a privacy policy? (And why you should have one!)

Okay, so you’ve just started your website. You’re new and your site is small and you’re not planning on using or gathering information from your viewers. So you don’t have to worry about things like infringing on your clients’ privacy. Right? Nope. From the moment someone clicks on that link to your site you are […]

5 Powerful Resources to help a newbie blogger.

5 Resources for Beginners

After a few weeks of freelance writing I came to the conclusion that writing is a very lonely profession. Then I realized I was wrong. Up to that point, I had been furiously reading every article I thought would prepare me as a freelance writer. I’d get to the end of the article and close […]

Do you have an elevator pitch?


I recently signed up for Daren Rowse’s (ProBlogger) Build a Better Blog Challenge.  The challenge for Day 1 was to write an elevator pitch.  You know, if you and I were in an elevator and you turned to me and said: “So, what do you do for a living?”.  The results of this exercise would […]

Welcome to my site!

Anton Roder

  After many years of dreaming of taking the step into becoming my own boss, the universe became bored and provided the kick under the pants I needed to actually do something about it.  This site is my first effort at becoming a successful freelance writer.   I trust that this site will serve as […]

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